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Software Development

Your company like every other has it's own specialist area. More importantly you have your own methods. For this reason you may find it very difficult to find an 'off the shelf' software package to meet your requirements.

We have a wealth of experience in the area of bespoke database software development. We work closely with our clients to identify how to develop software systems that will make your life easier, not harder.

Utilising modern and up to date industry standard development platforms, we offer a professional all in one solution from systems analysis through to development, deployment, and user training.

Our typical approach utilises the Microsoft .NET development technology and the Microsoft SQL Server Database Platform.

Our systems development history has included

• Sales Order Processing (SOP)
• Stock Control
• Production and Resource Planning (ERP)
• Job Control & Management
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• Mobile & PDA Development
• Integration with all Sage Accounting Systems


Dave Wise – Top Tubes Ltd: "Increased workload due in part to success of planning system".

Our Laser Tube Planning System, a customised extension of our Tube Manager software developed by Pioneer Computing, has been in operation for about a year and a half and is now well proven and thoroughly bedded in.

With it, we get an overall view of every job going through the laser tube department at any given time: the stage it’s at and when it will be completed. It enables us to juggle jobs if necessary, perhaps pulling a job forward if it’s especially urgent.

Crucially, it allows us to keep a customer fully informed as to the progress of the work and to provide an instant answer to a customer without their having to wait.