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Secure Cloud Backup

Many businesses overlook the importance of a secure and reliable disaster recovery solution. Your data is crucial to your businesses. In many cases a total loss of data could mean the end of a business.

Our highly secure and cost effective online backup solution could be the answer for your business. Remember, your data is critical.

• The Concept – Simple & Secure Off Site Backup
    o Fully configured service with daily management
    o Set and Forget Backup Scheduling
    o Removes Human Error
    o Removes Physical Error of Tape Drives and Corrupt Media
    o Critical Data available in seconds for instant restore
    o Competitive Pricing

• Your Data – Your Peace of Mind
    o Highly Secure, State of the Art 3 Tier Data Centres at IBM Business Continuity Suites
    o Data Mirrored to Second Data Centre every 15 minutes
    o 60 Days of Backups with Version Control
    o Incremental Backups – Only changed files are added saving bandwidth
    o Intelligent File Selection – Ignore chosen file types. E.g. movies

• The Technology - Attix5 Professional
    o Leading Provider of Remote Secure Online Data Backup
    o Capita SIMS & FSA Approved
    o Backup Technology for Windows Server, SQL, MySQL, Exchange, SharePoint, System State, VMware, Hyper-V



Matthew Bradley – Top Tubes Ltd:

 “Piece of Mind through Support”

Whilst there is a monthly fee attached to this service it is worth it. On the few occasions we have needed to use it to restore data it has worked fantastically.